May 4, 2011

I got overconfident and did something really dumb today. I’m not supposed to bend over, but I needed something off the bottom shelf of the refrigerator so I squatted down to get it. But then I couldn’t get back up again. I had to use the refrigerator door to pull myself up, and felt a pull in my back. The sciatic nerve pain returned, and I was afraid I’d messed up the surgery.

I thought I’d give it a day or so to see how it might go. I didn’t want to call he surgeon and tell him how stupid I was unless I had to!

What with the return of the sciatic nerve pain I didn’t get much sleep this night or the next. The third morning was a Saturday, and I was pretty bad off. I couldn’t get in touch with my surgeon on the weekend, so I went to a local walk-in clinic.

The doctor on duty took some x-rays to see if I’d messed up the surgery, and thankfully everything was OK. He gave me injections of a very strong pain medication and a super-strong anti-inflammatory. This took care of the pain pretty well. He told me to call my surgeon the following Monday.

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