Americans Don’t Like to Think

Is my title true or false? Think about it!

And think about YOU, especially when it comes to films and/or reading (you DO read, don’t you? Not just on the Internet, but I mean really READ. As in BOOKS.).

Truth is, thinking is hard work and that’s why most of us would rather be entertained than think. Even it we’re readers, most of us would rather read pulp fiction than literature. And we’d rather (especially if we’re male) watch the car chase in the film The Shooter than unravel, for example, the complexities of films like The Kings Speech.

I think of myself as a thinker. Therefore I don’t want people to TELL me what to think; I want to THINK what I think! So I like films that make me think; that’s why I’m a big fan of independent films, or “indie” films as some call them. In consideration of all of the above, that’s why I loved the indie film I just screened called, Leave My Flowers Alone produced, written and directed by Albert Salaz Jr.

In just under 16 minutes, Leave My Flowers Alone interweaves multiple themes and delivers an ending with a punch: an ending that not only entertains, but leaves you thinking, “What if?”

If you’ve ever struggled to overcome things things in your past, this film is for you.

If you have secrets in your past and wonder whether or not to reveal them, this film is for you.

If you’re a man and get frustrated and take it personally when you can’t “fix” things (or people) this film is for you.

Check out the trailer. And let me know what you THINK!