about the categories

We think of categories as doors opening off a long hallway. We’ve given each “door” a name and a bit of a description to help you understand what to expect before you walk through. Your key to each door is simply your curiosity and a click of your mouse. Come on in!

  • Life – Perspectives on the business of living, from thoughtful to just plain fun
  • Culture – Observations on life in America, the environment, politics, and more.
  • Faith – By “faith” we mean faith in God, which we view as a reasoned response to the Creator who manifests His attributes through His creation and who seeks personal, loving relationships with people.
  • Leisure – Believing that a life properly lived includes the deliberate pursuit of recreation and relaxation, here you’ll find a junk drawer mix of comments and thoughts on the things we enjoy in Montana’s Big Sky Country: eating, sightseeing, photography, hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing, and more.
  • Writer’s Corner – A place for my fellow writers to poke the coals around the campfire of the writer’s life and craft.
  • Podcasts – Verbal commentary on all of the categories and more.
  • Fly Fishing – No more need be said!

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